Sastricas 2015 | The Annual Techfest of NITS Mirza



The annual techno-cultural fest of NITS Mirza

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History says great innovation are achieved not through competition, but by co-operation. We are living in a world where day-to-day technical innovations have been inspiring lives of many. But what leads to these innovations?? It’s the collaboration of the minds of many technical prodigies who share their knowledge for the greater benefit of mankind. With simple motto of “come,learn,share” NETES Institute of Technology and Science, Mirza in collaboration with North East Technical Education Society(NETES) presents before you the third edition of its annual techno-cum-cultural festival, SASTRICAS 2014. SASTRICAS is a platform where imagination meets co-operation and co-operation leads to innovation and creations that bring smiles to the most deprived ones of the society and be helping hand to the mankind. Competition is just an off-shoot here.



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